Bring the Outside In...


About The Copper Cacti

The Copper Cacti was created by Chloë Draper, a plant enthusiast who wanted to make beautiful, unique yet affordable plant based home decor for people to enjoy. 
From Terrariums, Macramé plant hangers and other quirky ways to display plants, there is something for everyone and all budgets. 
What started as a hobby and turned into a passion, The Copper Cacti began creating bespoke pieces and attending various craft fairs through Essex since January 2019, and has continued their dream of giving Plant lovers a chance to own a beautiful hand crafted item for their home.The Copper Cacti is proud of the relationships they have built, including being given the opportunity to sell their products from shops as well as run workshops to teach others how to create beautiful plant based home decor and modern macramé. 



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