Small Japanese Marimo Moss Ball Terrarium

Small Japanese Marimo Moss Ball Terrarium


Native to Japan, Marimo moss balls are type of algae found at the bottom of fresh water rivers and lakes.

In Japanese, the term Marimo means “ball of seaweed” and are one of the most popular living aquarium plants in the world.

Many people give and receive these little balls of fun for special occasions, as the legend surrounding the Marimo moss ball is believed to bring good luck and good fortune to you!

They can live for between 40-100 years if looked after well, and can grow up to anything between 12 and 20 inches! So eventually, as with any plant, this one will need repotting.

Looking after your Marimo Moss Ball Terrarium couldn’t be easier! Simply change the water every 4 weeks, clean the gravel and decoration as well as the jar, and fill with new filtered water.

They love the light and will thrive in a well-lit room.